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by Nick Creed

The blog section will feature resources, links and event news using locally grown British flowers. If there is a topic you would be interested in hearing about please let us know.

The Sustainable Floristry Network aims to reduce environmental impact

by Nick Creed

One of the reasons florists or their customers often seek out British grown flowers is to reduce the environmental impact of cut flowers.

A new global industry initiative, The Sustainable Floristry Network, was set up in 2019 with the aim to celebrate flowers and floral design with the smallest environmental footprint possible. The organisation believes that florists have a responsibility to celebrate and work with nature, not against it.

Initiatives include eliminating the use of floral foam which is harmful to the environment as well as the use of large amounts of plastics, chemical treatments and use of fumigation and devitalisation.

The organisation aims to address these subjects through education, scientific understanding and discussion throughout the floristry industry.

The Sustainable Floristry Network is endorsed by a collective of experienced florists who are acting as ambassadors for the initiative. Ambassadors include Shane Connolly, Floribunda Rose, Firenza Floral Design, Hedgerow Florist and Pyrus Botanicals of the UK as well as well know florists from around the world.

The movement has already begun by way of popular hashtags: you might have seen already such as #nofloralfoam, #seasonalfloweralliance and #sustainablefloristry

They are now looking to progress this further - see their website for more information on supporting the movement. https://sustainablefloristry.org

Growers: You're great at growing, we now make it easier to sell

by Nick Creed
Flower field

We know it's hard growing flowers. It rains when you don't want it to, it doesn't rain when you do want it. Mud. Wind. Frost. And all those pests. Growing flowers - and growing to the high quality expected by your customers - is a difficult job.

But growing is only half the story - you then have to sell your flowers. This involves admin that the average grower isn't attracted to or barely has time for: dealing with customer enquiries ... backwards and forwards with emails to say what varieties are in bloom, colours, size, how many are available. And finally once the sale is made it's time to invoice and followup to collect your hard won payment.

Designed for growers, by growers to make selling easy

Flower Scout is an online marketplace designed for growers, by growers. It's here to help take the hassle out the process. Okay, we can't help with the weather or the weeds, but we can provide a trusted platform for you to display and sell your beautiful flowers as they come into bloom. You sell under your own name so you can build consumer confidence in your own products.

You're in total control

You have your own microstore under your business name showing which local areas you deliver to and what flowers you have available that week. You're in total control of what you show as in stock and can change and update it anytime you like. As orders are made the system adjusts your stock levels automatically. You decide how much your flowers are worth by setting your own pricing and a minimum order amount.

When a florist makes an order you get an email with the details.

And there's no need to worry about chasing up payment - all sales are paid for at time of order through a secure payment gateway. Funds are deposited straight into your bank account every couple of weeks.

More money in your pocket

We want to help growers reap the benefits of your hard work and have aimed to keep platform fees to an absolute minimum. With wholesalers normally taking about 50% of stem costs to florists and Flower Scout fees are pegged at about a fifth of this, so the vast majority of what you sell goes to you.

We're here to grow with you

Since Flower Scout launched in 2019 we have developed the platform in consultation with independent growers and florists. There's more to do, and our aim is to make selling and buying flowers for each of these groups as easy, frictionless and cost effective as possible. The recurring comments from florists trying to access British Flowers are always access, delivery and knowing what is available. Flower Scout manages this. Thanks to the Scottish Flower Grower Collective for their input.

We want to help you take your sales to florists to the next level. Please get in touch with any questions you might have about how Flower Scout can help you.

Find out more about how Flower Scout works for growers

Contact us here

Florists: Discover the wonderful world of British flowers

by Nick Creed

Flower Scout connects florists to a dedicated band of British flower growers providing a unique range of flowers that will set your bouquets, displays and arrangements apart.

Our collection of local growers range in size and all are dedicated to providing a quality wholesale service to florists. Nothing sold on the site has been imported from overseas so what you will find is a selection of unusual and natural flowers and foliage all grown in Britain. Florists need to register before being able to browse, select and buy directly online.

Growers manage their own stock and prices so you are still able to develop a relationship with your local supplier. As a florist you can order from as many growers as you wish sin one order.

How it works

First register as a florist. Once this has been approved (normally within 24 hours) you can login and will see sections for flowers, foliage and dried flowers. You can search in your local delivery area or beyond (1), or search by grower or variety. Browse through the flowers available and click into the varieties for more information (2).


The product page shows images of the flower, quantities available and a description with more information including vase life and stem length. Select the quantity you want and then click 'Add to Basket' (3). Once you have made all your selections you check your basket items and go through a simple order process just like any other e-commerce web store. You have the option to add notes for the grower and choose your delivery or collection options.



Growers deliver according to their own delivery schedule which is usually once a week to a certain area and may also offer pickup from their premises. If you require delivery out with these set times you can arrange this directly with the grower. Details of delivery schedule are available after joining. Some Scottish growers have local hubs for click and collect eg in Perth and Glasgow.

Orders usually need to be made by 9am the day before delivery.

If you have questions or would like more information contact us here