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Take your growing business to the next level - how Flower Scout works


You've done all the hard work to establish your flower farm. Flowers are blooming. And now it's time to sell more to florists.

Flower Scout is here to help. It's a online marketplace (think of Amazon store for flowers) that gives you all the tools you need to manage your sales to florists on an easy to use platform.

We've worked closely with growers who have helped us build Flower Scout into a platform that really does work for the independent flower farmer who is selling, or wants to sell more, directly to florists.

What does Flower Scout do?

We provide an easy and reliable way for florists to search and select flowers from multiple growers in their local area and purchase with a single payment through the website.

  • Gives growers cost effective access to a range of local florists and the ability to manage all orders and transactions securely in one place.
  • Allows growers to easily upload flowers that are currently available to their ‘micro store’ with the system automatically adjusting stock levels as sales are made.
  • Growers set their own prices and minimum order amounts.
  • Once you join, Flower Scout works with you to actively promote your flowers to the florists in your area.
  • We give you guidance on quality standards for flowers and resources for growing .
  • There is also a closed Facebook group where growers can connect with each other.

Who can join?

We welcome independent flower growers who would like to supply florists in a wholesale capacity and are committed to providing a regular service throughout the growing season.

You're likely to have been established for two or three years and have a track record of quality flower growing.

Growers who have just started out are welcome to get in touch to see how we can help. We are here to do what we can to help take your fledgling business to the next level.

Managing your availability

What you offer to sell on Flower Scout is entirely in your hands. Growers have full control over the flowers that are for sale and the price they are sold for. Varieties can be easily uploaded and can be switched on and off as they come into bloom and the system automatically adjusts stock levels as sales are made.

How florists find your flowers and make their order

Once logged in florists can search by selecting the relevant delivery area or by selecting you from the list of growers (1). Your availability is then displayed in a format that's easy to browse and florists can click into a variety to find more information (2


The product page shows images of the flower, quantities available and a description with more information including vase life, stem length and anything else you feel is helpful. Florists simply select the quantity they want and click 'Add to Basket' (3). Once all the selections have been made there is a simple order process just like any other e-commerce web store. Florists have the option to add notes to the order and choose their delivery/collection options.


Once an order is placed you receive an email with the details. You can view all orders on the site and print off order details for your picking lists. And because you only pick what has been sold there is no waste.

Delivery options

Growers usually offer two main options: Delivery to a specified local area or collection from your premises.

We are currently working to a once weekly delivery cycle (Thursday) with a cut off for orders (Tuesday 9pm) so you have time to pick and condition and makes it simple for florists. Of course you are free to deliver/collect at other times by arrangement if you wish.

We encourage you to work with other growers in your area to organise or share deliveries. Some areas even have a central collection hub for florists to go to.

How do payments work and what are the costs?

Joining Flower Scout is entirely no risk - no upfront payment and only a small platform fee when a sale is made.

All we ask is that you commit to manage your inventory on a weekly basis and fulfill the orders as they come in.

Payment is taken from the florist through a secure payment gateway when the order is placed - no separate invoicing or chasing up payment is required. Funds are deposited straight into your bank account every couple of weeks.

We have aimed to keep platform fees to an absolute minimum. With no wholesalers involved who normally take about 50% of stem costs to florists, Flower Scout fees are pegged at about a fifth of this, so the vast majority of what you sell goes to you.

What about pricing and competition between growers?

Each grower sells under their own name and brand for their produce so prices will vary according to size, stem length, stage of bloom, quality and so on between growers even for the same variety. This way florists know what they are paying for. Growers don't all need to grow the same produce, in fact florists love being able to get a different selection of flowers and foliage from local growers. Maybe you are best at growing sweet peas in your area, or maybe your focus is an abundant supply of foliage? Be known for what you can offer.

You may be tentative about being on a platform with other growers as you see them as your competitors. The truth is that your biggest competitor are Dutch imports and florists have easy, reliable and seamless ways to obtain year round flower availability already through wholesalers.

By bringing growers to one site the Flower Scout platform enables florists to see a bigger range of flowers on offer with the ability to choose local British flowers from several growers to fulfill their order. On a similar platform in America, growers' sales doubled compared with the faff of a weekly availability email which was sent to their existing florist customers.

Who is behind Flower Scout?

Flower Scout was set up by an established Scottish flower grower (Mayfield Flowers) to help British growers reach more florists. Flower Scout aims to be an easy and streamlined way for florists and growers to complete orders. We are grateful for the support from other growers and florists in getting this platform operating since 2019. We are here to help growers throughout the UK develop their businesses to florists and welcome you on board.

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