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Scottish Seasonal Flower Calendar

Here we give you a flavour of the range and variety you can expect from your local Scottish grower. It's summarised on this page and we have a pdf with full details for you to download free.

Download full seasonal calendar here

Timings and availability will vary from year to year, often determined by the weather. Whilst some flowers have a short bloom window such as peonies, many others cross over the seasons.



Spring flowers start slowly with delicate bulbs such as muscari and fritillarias soon gathering pace with increasing light levels to include catkins and tree blossoms before the showy blooms of narcissi, tulips and ranunculus burst through.

Late spring flowers see the explosion of early perennials and beginning of lush hedgerow growth giving spring favourites such as cow parsley, spirea blossoms, poppies and foxgloves.

In season in Early Spring:

Anemones | Fritillaria | Hellebore | Muscari | Narcissi | Wallflowers

In season in Late Spring:

Aquilegia | Californian Poppy | Centaurea Montana | Cerinthe | Colibri Poppies

Cowslip Primula | Eucalyptus | Foxgloves | Hesperis (Sweet Rocket) | Icelandic Poppy

Iris | Orlaya | Polygonatum (Solomon’s Seal) | Ranunculus | Spirea | Tulips



Summer flowers range from the tall and stately delphiniums and ammi to delicate feverfew and cornflowers. This is high season for choice, range and colour, and of course, garden roses.

In season in Summer:

Achillea | Alchemilla Mollis | Ammi | Astrantia | Cornflower | Campanulas | Cerinthe

Chocoloate Cosmos | Cosmos | Cress Pods | Daucus | Dianthus | Echinops | Eryngium | Feverfew

Foxglove | Geum | Herbs | Japanese Anemones | Larkspur/Consolida | Lavatera | Mints | Nigella

Penstemon | Roses | Scented Geranium | Shasta Daisy | Snapdragon | Sweet Peas | Vines



The tender plants are now in full stride with dahlias, rudbeckias , chrysanths and grasses to the fore. Often in deep and golden autumn shades but pastels and brights in other colours all still available.

In season in Autumn:

Amaranthus | Chinese Aster | Chrysanthemum | Coreopsis | Craspedia | Dahlia | Dill

Echinacea | Fennel | Grasses | Helenium | Helichrysum (Strawflower) | Japanese anemones

Jasmine foliage | Panicum (garsses) | Phlox (annual) | Phlox (tall perennial)

Physocarpus (Ninebark foliage) | Rudbeckia | Scabiousa Atropurpurea | Sedum

Statice Surowowii | Tagettes (marigold) | Verbena | Zinnia